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Welcome the Bearlodge Angler
We specialize in providing all your fly tying materials. This is a partial list of all of our fly tying products.

Complete line of Whiting Farm Fly Tying Feathers

Whiting Rooster Dry Fly Capes

Whiting Rooster Dry Fly Saddles

Whiting 100 Saddle Hackle Packs

Whiting Dry Fly Midge Saddles
Whiting and Hebert Miner Hen Capes and Saddles

Whiting 4-B’s

Hebert/Miner ™ Dry Fly Rooster Capes and Saddles

Whiting High and Dry Hackle

Whiting Euro Hackle

Whiting American Rooster Capes and Saddles

Whiting Coq De Leon Rooster and Hen Products

Whiting Brahma Hen Products

Whiting Spey Rooster and Hen Saddle

Whiting Bird Fur

Whiting Guinea Fowl

Whiting Schlappen, Soft Hackle with Chaickabou,

Chickabou Patch, Bugger Pack, Tailing Pack

Musky Pack, Hackle Gauge.

Complete Line of Fly Tying Hooks
Tiemco Hooks

Daiichi Hooks

Partridge Hooks

Complete Line of Fly Tying Feathers

Chicken and Turkey marabou

Duck, Teal, Goose feathers.  

Peacock, Guinea, Rhea, Ostrich, Emu,

Ringneck, Golden Pheasant, Lady Amherst

Complete Line of Synthetic Fly Tying Materials.

Pseudo hair, Pseudo Marabou, Craft fur

Complete line of Enrico Puglisi products

Deadly Dazzle, Steve Farrar Products

Ice fur, ice dub, ice wing fiber

 Complete Line of Fly Tying Fur Products

Hare’s Mask, Squirrel Skins, Tails, Zonkers

Rabbit Fur, Hides, Feet and, Zonkers

Arctic Fox, Finn Raccoon, Icelandic sheep hair

Calf body hair, Calf Tails, Ram’s wool

Mule Deer, Coastal Black tail Deer, White Tail Deer

Elk Hair, Natural, Dyed, Bleached, Hock

Moose Hair: Mane and Body Hair, Dyed

Complete Line of Synthetic Dubbing Materials.

Senyo’s Laser yarn, Hareline Ice Dub,