Fly Fishing Materials and Supplies for Fishermen


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Fly Fishing Materials and Supplies for Fishermen

The Bearlodge Angler specializes in providing a wide selection of all the fly tying materials, fly tying supplies and fly tying tools for fly fishing anglers serious about their craft. Our traditional fly tying materials include a variety of hooks, waxes, yarn, furs, wild game and chicken feathers, hair and wire to help you craft the right kind of artificial flys to help attract the fish you're seeking. We have natural fly tying materials including rabbit, mink, muskrat, fox, bear, squirrel, deer, elk, moose, chicken, pheasant, turkey, duck, goose, partridge feathers and other furs, that you can incorporate into your artificial fishing flies. We feature neck and saddle hackle from specifically bred chickens to achieve superior length and color that you can notice. Our synthetic materials allows fly tyers to replicate furs and feathers and create new fly patterns with extra flash for more noticeability. Synthetic fly tying materials such as rubber legs, synthetic hair, chenille and flash materials can be incorporated into the wings and bodies of today's artificial fly patterns for a truly unique offering. Today, fly tyers have multiple options for adding weight to their fly patterns. Lead wire is the traditional method, however, fly patterns can also be weighted with brass and tungsten beads as well as cone heads. In addition to all of the fly tying materials, we offer a complete line of fly tying tools for beginners as well as advanced fly tyers.

Find essential fly tying supplies and materials at The Bearlodge Angler

We are increasing our inventory for fly tying materials. We have added products from the following companies. Whiting Farms, Spirit River, Hareline Dubbin, Wapsi, Rocky Mountain Dubbing, John Rohmer, Wasatch Angling, Montana fly, Rainy's Larva Lace,  Eumer Pro Fishing Center, Scientific Anglers, C & F, Troutbeads and Angler Sport Group. This is some of the items we carry in inventory or we order from suppliers. 

Whiting Farms fly tying feathers: Dry Fly Capes, Dry Fly Saddles, Whiting 100 Packs, Midge Saddles, Hebert Miner and Whiting Hen Saddles and Hen Capes, Whiting 4 B's, Hebert/Miner Dry Fly Capes and Saddles, High and Dry Hackle Capes and Saddles, Euro Hackle, American Rooster Capes and Saddles, Coq De Leon Rooster and Hen Products, Brahma Hen Products, Spey Rooster and Hen Hackle, Bird Fur, Schlappen, Chickabou, Bugger Packs, Tailing Packs and Musky Packs.

Additional Fly Tying Feather Products: White Dyed Strung Saddle Hackle, Woolly Bugger Saddle Hackle, Schlappen, Saltwater Neck Hackle, Metz Soft Hackle, Strung Marabou Blood Quills, Grizzly Soft Hackle, Woolly Bugger Marabou, Extra Select Marabou, Grizzly Mini Marabou, Mini Marabou, Turkey Flats, Barred CDC, Cul De Canard Feathers, CDC Oiler Puffs, Marc Petitjean Select CDC Feathers, Gadwall Feathers, Teal Flank Feathers, Bronze Mallard Flank, Mallard Wings, Duck Quills, Woodduck Flank, Starling Skins, English Grouse Soft Hackle, Ozark Turkey Quills, Cinnamon Tip Turkey, Hungarian Partridge Feathers and Skins, Ostrich Plume and Herl, Turkey Biot, Goose Biot, Quill Body, Emu Feathers, Spey Plumes, Goose Shoulder Feathers, Rhea Intruder Feather, Peacock Herl, Peacock Eyes, Peacock Swords, Peacock Quills, Blue Peacock Neck Feathers, Silver Pheasant Feathers, Guinea Feathers, Ringneck Pheasant Skins, Necks, Tails and Rumph Patch, Hen Pheasant Skins and Tails, Golden Pheasant Skins, Crest's, Heads, Tippet and Tails, Lady Amherst Heads and Tails.

Fly Tying Fur Products: Hare's Mask, Frostip Rabbit Stips, Rabbit Hides: Complete, Striped, Zonkers, Cross Cut, Magnum, or Micro, Pulsator Rabbit Strips, Barred Colors: Brown, Black, Olive, Tiger, Two Toned, Silky Bunnybou, Pine Squirrel Skins, Tails or Zonker Strips, Arctic Fox Tail, Body Hair or Zonkers, Raccoon Zonker, Calf tail or Body Hair, Mule Deer, Compardun Deer Hari, Blacktail Deer Hair, Northern Buck tails, Goat Hair, Pony Hair, Deer Body Hair, Deer Belly Hair, Elk Hair, Possum Fur, Moos Hair, Yak Hair, Icelandic Sheep Hair, Sculpin Wool, Rams Wool and Polar Bear Hair.

Fly tying hooks: Tiemco, Daiichi, Partridge, J. Son and Alec Jackson. 

Fly Tying Tools:  Regal, Griffin, Rite, River Road Cutters, Wasatch Angling, HMH, Marc Petitjean, Dr. Slick, Stonfo, Larva Lace, Rite,  Terra, J:Son tools along with  Imported tools.

Fly Tying Threads and Floss: Veevus, Danville, Gordon Griffiths, Kevlar, Ultra Thread, Uni, Lagartun, Alec Jackson and Pearsall's.

Fly Tying Wire and Tinsel:  Uni, Ultra wire, Lagartun, Veevus, Holographic and Flat Tinsel and Tungsten

Fly Tying Beads, Eyes and Eggs: Hareline, Spirit River, Brass, Lead,Tungsten, Glass,  Plastic, Mono, Epoxy, Painted, Unpainted, Coneheads, Fish Skull, Chain, Bodies, 3-D Holographic, Mirage Dome Eyes, Oval Pupil 3-D eyes, Clear Cure, Magic Heads, Super Eggs, Krysal Glo Balls, McVeil, Egg Yarn, McFly Foam, Glue Sticks and Egg Veil Milky White.

Fly Tying Tube body products:  Dura Flash, E-Z Body, Flashabou and Clear Cure Goo.

Fly Tying Flash Materials: Krystal Flash, Iceabou, Mirage, Flashabou, Polarflash, Purple Haze, DNA, Fire Fly, Mirage, Lateral Scale, Ice Dub, Mircrolon, Tiewell Products including Sparkle Flash.

Rubber Fly Tying Materials: Life Flex, Daddy Long Legs, Crazy Legs, Hot Tipped, Barred and Speckled Legs, Aqua Glow Crazy Legs, Buggy Nymph Legs, Loco Legs, Grizzly Legs, Silicone Legs, Fly Enhancer Legs, Round Legs, Uni-Flex.

Synthetic Fly Tying Materals: Mayfly tails, Popper Bodies, Crawdad Bodies, Crayfish, Helgrammite Bodies, Fish Skull Bodies, Frog Legs, Predator Tails, Crab Bodies, Jungle Cock, Hopper Legs, Foam Ant Bodies, Bumble Bee Bodies, Shell Backs, EP Crab Claws, J:Son Products, Fly Skin, Edge Bright, Scud Back, Chewee Skin, Fino Skin, Prism Scale Film, Veiny Wing Material, Crystal Skin, Adhesive Backed Foam, Furry Foam, Frog Foam, Closed cell foam, Evazote Foam, Sheet Foam, Sliced foam, Foam Cylinders and Float Foam.

Fly Tying Dubbing Materials: Senyos Laser, Creepy Crawley Ice Dub, Krystal Dub, Hare's Ear Plus, Hareline, Hare-Tron, Ice Dub, Superfine Dry Fly, Micro Fline, Polar Dub, Cohen's Carp Dub, SLF Master Class Dub, Angora Goat, Scud Dub, Rainbow Dub, STS Trilobal Bub, Hare's Wiggle Dub, Dave Whitlock SLF Dubbing, Arizona Dubbing and many more.

Flytying Dubbing and Wax Materials: Hareline, Wapsi, Loon and BT Fly Fishing.

Fly Tying Yarn and Chenille Materials: Pseudo Herl, Afterglow Chenille, Trilobal Antron, Fine, Medium and Large Carded Chenille, Variegated, Velvet, Ultra, Solid, Krystal, EZ Magic Dub, Frizzle, Speckled, Ice, Krystal Flash, Ice Dub, Cactus, Midge Cactus, Holographic Cactus, Polar, UV Polar, Senyo's, Krystal Hackle, Senyo's Predator Wrap, Wooly Chenille, Pseudo Hackle, Baitfish Emulator, Minnow Body Wrap, Chironomid Briad, Chrocklett's Body Wrap, Diamond Hair, Holographic Braid, Pearl Core Braid, Flat Diamond Braid, Ice Braid, Para Post Wing, Ice Fur, Emerger Yarn, Antron Yarn, Darlon, Mohair, Uni Yarn, McFlylon, Poly Yarn and many more.

Synethic Fly Tying Hair and Feather Products: Fishair, Pseudo Marabou, Extra Select Craft Fur, Pseudo Hair, Big Fly Fiber, Magic Minnow Body, EP Fibers, Enrico Puglisi Fibers, Silky, 3-D, Trigger Point, Gamechanger, Senyo, Chromatic, Summerlatte's,  Anadromus, Tarantula Hairy Legs, Shrimp Dub, Streamer Brush, Minnow Head, Grizzly Fibre, Deady Dazzle, Wooly Critter, Fluoro Fibre, Fish Scale, Slinky Fibre, Flash N Slinky, Steve Farrar Blend, Brush N Wing, Mirror Image and Frizz Fibre.