Fly Fishing Materials and Supplies for Fishermen


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Fly Fishing Materials and Supplies for Fishermen


The Bearlodge Angler specializes in providing a wide selection of all the fly tying materials, fly tying supplies and fly tying tools for fly fishing anglers serious about their craft. Our traditional fly tying materials include a variety of hooks, waxes, yarn, furs, wild game and chicken feathers, hair and wire to help you craft the right kind of artificial flys to help attract the fish you're seeking. We have natural fly tying materials including rabbit, mink, muskrat, fox, bear, squirrel, deer, elk, moose, chicken, pheasant, turkey, duck, goose, partridge feathers and other furs, that you can incorporate into your artificial fishing flies. We feature neck and saddle hackle from specifically bred chickens to achieve superior length and color that you can notice. Our synthetic materials allows fly tyers to replicate furs and feathers and create new fly patterns with extra flash for more noticeability. Synthetic fly tying materials such as rubber legs, synthetic hair, chenille and flash materials can be incorporated into the wings and bodies of today's artificial fly patterns for a truly unique offering. Today, fly tyers have multiple options for adding weight to their fly patterns. Lead wire is the traditional method, however, fly patterns can also be weighted with brass and tungsten beads as well as cone heads. In addition to all of the fly tying materials, we offer a complete line of fly tying tools for beginners as well as advanced fly tyers.

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